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Discover how to double your energy and focus while improving your overal confidence through various holistic techniques.

Exclusive: Learn first hand the Usui and Kundalini reiki healing techniques with Reiki Master Teacher Magda Baptista

Mike DeJong (USA)

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It has been my life mission to help individuals improve their quality of life through preventive and healing protocols.



Live your life to the Mags.

When “you live your life to the Mags” you allow your authentic energy flow to balance out your mind/body and soul while channeling the passion that freely exists within you so you can achieve the highest and best version of yourself. Being in this blissful state allows forceful attraction of better life circumstances while enhancing collective wellness through the energy of love and light.

My proprietary approach includes an integrative approach:


As a personal trainer and physical education & health teacher, the importance of breathwork through exercising the body brings conscious awareness that is required for the long term activation of wellness and health. 


As a certified hypnotist, the combination of deep meditation with the acknowledgement of the emotional states to reprogram the sub-conscious mind is the perfect reinforcement for the wanted outcome and lasting changes.



As a reiki master, balancing the chakras in order to optimize the life force energy that exists within will enhance the body's healing process of various conditions, providing a clear body canvas ready to conquer the world.

Magda is a Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher as well as a certified NGH hypnotist. Magda completed her Integrative LifeWorks Coaching certification as well as her Personal Fitness Training (NASM) certification.

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